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My name is Alexander and welcome to alx.com!


WOW! What a week.

Not that I think anyone noticed, but alx.com has been totally down since 23 MAY, web and email service.

A2Hosting evidently was attacked and ALL of their Windows hosting servers worldwide were compromised and put out of service.

While they have my heartfelt sympathy, their customer service was piss poor. After 8 days of requesting ANY form of direct contact, I switched alx.com to HostGator where it now resides.

I understand that shit happens and was willing to be patient and ride it out, but after A2 failed to respond to Tickets, Chat, Email and Voicemail requests to contact me to discuss what was going on and my options for over a week, I had to move on.

Alx.com has been up and running since 1997 and, with the exception of Hurricane Sandy where this section of New Jersey had NO power, telephone, data, anything for a week, this was the longest outage I have ever experienced.

Anyhow, now that we are back up and running on HostGator, I have to pick up where I left off in checking out the site and re-establishing email for all the users that were impacted.

Thank God for HOTMAIL!

I've had a Hotmail account since long before there was an alx.com. I've paid to maintain it all these years even as Hotmail changed ownership a few times and now is under Microsoft as Outlook.com.

I sure am glad I held on to it! It was a life saver for the last week allowing me to mainain connection when I needed it. It also comes in handy when I need to give an email address to someone where I know it won't be lost in SPAM. Trust me, alx@alx.com IS a spam magnet. The trick with the hotmail address is not to give it out or publish it beyond a chosen few.

If you have critical emails that you COUNT ON in life (like your bank), take my advice and sign up for an alernate email that you can rely on in times of trouble and trust me, the internet will become more flaky, not less.


Reviewing the site, there is a lot of catching up that needs to be done.

Some of the old links, off the site, have changed and will need to be revised.

Many more are actually DEAD and will need removal or commenting. Some are sad losses (at least for me).

Note references below to DREAMWORKS and my blog. Unfortunately the blog never developed as it should have, and that is my fault. It began at the dark dawn of the Age of Trump, and I could not bring myself to write on the avalanche of disgust and misery that has followed. While the blog still is there, it has languished.

In a sense, that is my bad. It suggests that I accept his new norm as somehow acceptable or tolerable in a civilized society. It is not, and we should all speak out.

More on that to come as, hopefully, this page takes on more the role of a blog.



ALX.COM is now hosted on A2 Hosting.

This necessitates moving all files on the site to their server and verifying that everything works as designed.

As a result, please understand anything that is temporarily broken and we will be working to get it fixed.

This all is tied to some other major life changes, but more on that at a later date. Hell, I understand that this site has languished behind the times, so I doubt if anyone is following or gives a damn.

If you are actually out there - use the link at the left and e-Mail alx.


Please check out my new blog at Dreamwidth. Hopefully with easier direct access to what is actually a blog system and format, entries will be more frequent and have meaning!

I can say that already I have begun and am opening up on the tragedy that is the Trump Administration.

We need to take America back! We were great long before the Donald.

Let's just hope there is something left of us after this trial passes.

Please, follow me at Dreamwidth!

While I'm at it in here, if you have Hawaiian longings like I do, check out Hawaii.com and enjoy. I was finally back there in November after too long an absence and it felt good to be home. A lot had changed, but I felt at peace for the first time in years. At least until I returned to reality in New Jersey. :(


Night number two of the Republican National Convention.

I can't say that I am surprised by the rise of Trump - I had a feeling a year ago that it could, it would, happen. But that doesn't make it any more palatable.

With everything else that has been going down of late though, it does make it more frightening.

The hardest part of all... We should be better than this.

Obviously we are not.


Geeze, it's been so long.


OK... Once again, it has been a long time since an update.

It has been a lousy week. TWO complete server reinstalls don't make for fun.

This all started the week before when the mail server freaked out. I could receive everything, but any time I tried to send, the emails just hung in the outbound queues - wouldn't connect. Oddly they would send during a reboot, but that is one hell of a way to send email!

The first re-install was actually a good thing. A few things were running better and faster than before, and a few abilities that had died over the years were restored. After having problems connecting my Samsung Galaxy Tab's email for a while- that was back up and running as fast and easy as I could type in the info and push the buttons. Painless! Fantastic!

As soon as I settled back into the joy of having my world back to normal, that's when the real shit hit the fan...

I decided to install WordPress to put in a blog.

Sounds good... sounds like a step up... an improvement. WRONG!

Perhaps it would be a different story on a different server. This is an old Server 2003 setup. But there were a number of sites, blogs, and guides for "retrofitting" WP that seemed clear, precise, and a piece of cake.

Step by step, one after another, things not only didn't work, they tended to trash things that had been working.

By the time they totally blew out the web based email, AND my ability to connect to the Exchange Server, I was backed into a corner and forced to reinstall everything all over again. Then it dawned on me that I had attempted WordPress once before - and THAT was what caused me to loose the afore mentioned "dead" features - like connecting to my Samsung Droid.

Perhaps one day I will attempt WordPress again, but it will have to be on a completely separate throw away machine that can't bring down anything else. (Of course, if I do that, odds are that it will go fine and leave me wondering what went wrong the first 2 times.)

But for now - let me just say that I HATE WORDPRESS. Glowing reviews aside, WP and I don't get along well together. It feels like a HATE/HATE relationship.

Rather than leave this as a total gripe session, let me put forth something on the positive side...

If you run a setup with multiple Windows machines in reasonable proximity to each other, you owe it to yourself to download Mouse Without Borders.

It allows you to use your mouse and keyboard across up to 4 computers making for a very convenient and natural working environment.

I use it both at home and work and it is a fabulously intuitive tool that has risen from convenient to essential for me.

MouseWithoutBorders spans well between Windows 7, XP, and even Windows 8 computers with either single or multiple monitor configurations AND also allows for limited file dragging between desktops. I've used similar programs in the past, but MWB is the clear winner.

Don't hesitate!  You can download MouseWithoutBorders at http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35460.

To give you an example of the convenience and functionality, I am editing this on my living room desktop computer, leaning back in my chair using my laptop's keyboard and trackpad for input. I also am using the laptop to view the changes as I update to see how they look in the browser at several sizes and widths, all the while controlling the media computer from the same laptop.

This is one of those tools you will wonder how you lived without.


Some days it just doesn't pay to get up. Question: Why does that describe most days?

Every time that I swear I am going to keep this more current, the world chooses to descend upon that intention with a vengeance. Time rushes and my patience wears thin.


Something that I have been meaning to say for a while now -


SPRINT: Why would anyone limit the i-Phone?


There. I said it.


A piece of dog philosophy...

All movement should be contemplated carefully. Movement should be avoided wherever possible.


It's been a few weeks longer than planned, but it has been 2 weeks from hell.

Just a thought - I hope Barenaked Ladies is getting royalties now that there IS pre-wrapped bacon!


Sometimes I think the world conspires against me updating this site on a frequent basis.

Take tonight...

FIRST the computer (Alice) didn't want to wake up. I can relate - I hate waking up myself.

SECOND the wireless failed to connect. In fact, the wireless couldn't even know it was there.

Everything got straightened out in the end, hence this update.

Anyhow... tonight is one of those rare occasions where I am cooking. Stuffed pork chop.

I made the mistake of cooking on SUN (2 days ago).

Again, stuffed pork chop.

In a wild moment of stupidity I had gone out and bought two of the things, a matching pair.

Then I brought them home and realized I didn't have the appetite for two.

Cooking one, I was rudely reminded of all of the reasons that I hate to cook. Preparation, Patience, and the inevitable, evil CLEANUP.

Having totally ruined my Sunday evening, now I face the second PORK CHOP.

It is cooking even as I write this.

The Jades are waiting for water and I am sitting here waiting on a pork chop.

I think my tolerance for culinary activity would have left me happier with a 7-Eleven sandwich.

POSTSCRIPT: This was much better than Sunday. So good, this time  wish I had a second. I'm writing this now, before the cleanup. Better close on a happy thought. :)


Well, just updated the NETMARES section. So many dead links to clean out. At least now everything should be live and updated.

Also, been trying to get a "real" blog going on this site, but WordPress doesn't want to be happy on a Windows SBS 2003 server.

So far, no luck.

On the bright side, looking to put in a new server, so MAYBE that will open things up.

In the meantime, working on consolidating the pics, so hopefully we'll get some up here soon.


SURPRISE! An update for all you loyal followers.

OK... I know... Been so damned long, THERE ARE NO FOLLOWERS, much less loyal.

Anyhow - hope we can change that.

Woke up early this morning and spent a lot of time thinking. I decided it is about time for this old dog to see if he can make a living in the 21st Century being ME.

Spent most of the weekend organizing my digital photographs. About time to get them up here on the web. More importantly, I need to get to digitizing my OLD FILM pictures from back when I used to really be a photographer. Those deserve to be seen. I bought the scanner (a real film scanner, not a wannabe flatbed - so it's about time to put it to use.) With the coming of winter *shudder* that would be a good project.

Anything you see on this site will be available as prints. Time to start using my PayPal account (alx@alx.com) for making money instead of just spending!

I tend to be a bit of a recluse (make that a card carrying HERMIT), so social media hasn't been my style. Guess that has to change to if I hope to make a living being me.

Look for Facebook and Twitter soon. In the meantime, you can always follow my little jade friend Alice on Twitter. www.twitter.com/AliceTJade She will pass along your thoughts. :)

And there are all those pet peeves of mine. Time to start POSTING instead of just muttering to myself. (Muttering in silence.)


 We are in the process of migrating to a new server.
If you experience any difficulties, please email me webmaster@alx.com


Well, I am embarrassed.

It seems that all the "improvements" look pretty - and resulted in knocking me off the search engines! So much for progress.

I discovered this when I went looking for links to the poetry... links that used to be there, and now are GONE!

You would think that search engines would grow smarter over time. Well, they didn't and I guess I got dumb.

Anyhow, hopefully a few changes will correct this, and I'll be back in searchable mode before too long.

Meanwhile, I'd like to welcome my little buddy, Deenamite to the web. Check her out and say hello at http://www.alx.com/deenamite.


New look and feel to the whole site here, so please forgive the fact that everything isn't totally where I want it to be.

The hope is to greatly expand the photo section. Once upon a time, I used to do photography for a living. (Seems like several lifetimes ago.) Thousands of slides will take quite a bit of time to analyze and convert to make this reflect my vision.

As you may have guessed, I am addicted to Hawaii. Years of trips and tons of film, all lying about, sleeping as it were. I think it is time to share.

Other passions of years gone by have been airshows and the beauty of flight. Ah, thousands more pictures...

If every picture tells a story, I think they have been too quiet for too long.