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When you wake up screaming at night after your back button fails!
"This time the URL's have gone too far..."

Over the years, many of these have gone the way of the dinosaur... I am currently listing as they were and intend to weed out soon.

    • Personal [home page] Favorites
      These sites are discovered in my wanderings...
      Want me to add your page? Sign the Guestbook and I'll check it out.
      People come and go so fast! Please e-mail me if you find any of these are GONE.
      • Martz Mountain Madness
        Ed is an old friend and great mind. I keep hoping one day he will flesh out this page.
      • Island Paradises
        • Hawaii.com
          If you are planning or! even considering a trip to Hawaii, Hawaii.com is a GREAT resource.
          Highly recommended!
        • This Week Magazine
        • Will Squyres Helicopters
          Will himself has retired, but the business, although sold off still exists.
          A trip to Kauai isn't complete without seeing it by helicopter!
        • Aloha Shirts
          (We all have our own quirks)
          OK... I am addicted to Aloha Shirts. With well over 175, hardly a man or woman is now alive who has seen me in anything other than a Hawaiian shirt. Well, at least when dressed. The politically correct folks have driven the polyester variants underground, but I will always prefer them for the vibrant, long lasting color and design, which puts all natural cotton to absolute shame. Where else can you find a shirt that has survived 500+ washings and still looks bright and cheerful?

          These links are all updated as of  2019.04.18
          (Travel at your own risk. This is NOT an endorsement)
      • Computer
        • Hardware
          • NewEgg
            Great prices, great deals. Highly recommended.
        • Software
          • AVG Antivirus
            Although the free version is great, they deserve your support.
            (HINT: Buy a Full Version.)

      • Photography
        • General
        • Equipment
          • KEH Camera.
            Good place for reliable used equipment.
            Have never disappointed me.

      • The Sky
      • Other Places...
      • In Memoriam - Pat Paulsen
        As we enter yet another Presidential cycle, a fond memory of a perennial candidate.
        Unfotunately, the old Pat Paulsen site is gone - availble for sale. I have switched the link to Wikipedia so at least he won't go totally forgotten.