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The Jadi Knights
The Lone Leafer
The Gang of Five

Hi there! My name is Deenamite!

I'm the cutest little Jade in the whole world. (Well, at least that's what my friend Alexander says.)

He used to tell me that I was the tiniest little Jade (Crassula Argentea), but I've grown since then.

When he found me, I was so small. See that one leaf at the bottom in the picture to the right? Well that's all I was... one leaf, less than 1/4 inch (6mm) across fallen from a dying Jade named Abby. I thought I was doomed... no one cared. I didn't think anyone could even see me, let alone notice my two almost microscopic little new leaves... less than 1/64 inch (1mm) between the two... but Alexander saw me! He knew that I was alive and growing with my one small little root.

I think anyone else would have thrown me out, or just ignored me, I was so tiny. But he adopted me! He bought me my very own pot and has been taking care of me ever since.

That was in early NOV 2005. Now I have a whole 10 leaves, plus my starter leaf, and I'm just starting to be able to peek over the edge of my pot! (Alexander promised me a NEW pot if I grow as tall as this one, so I'm trying.)

UPDATE: 9 SEP 2006 - I popped 2 more leaves! 12 and growing!!!

This is me just a few months ago...(JUN 06)

My root was so small that sometimes when Alexander was watering me, I'd actually roll over in the sand. That used to really freak him out 'coz he'd have to try and figure out how to get me right side up and get my root back in the dirt. Big fingers trying to balance a tiny jade!

That's when he bought me my second pot and different dirt (he says they call it "soil", but to me it's really just dirt) to hold me in better.

Meanwhile, we've been saving other jades... one fallen leaf at a time.

WE are the Jadi Knights of the Box Table.

Hey! Alexander just set me up with my very own email address! You can reach me at deenamite@alx.com. If you drop me a line, please tell me how you found me.

If you found me on wikimapia, just think how many clicks it would have taken you to zoom all the way in on me! hehehehehe....

MSN Search is the Official Search Engine of Deenamite and the Jadi Knights!
They can find us and Google can't? We think success has gone to their heads.
A search engine should cover the whole web, not just those who pay.

Thanks for being my Hit Counter visitor!
I hope you have a tiny friend in YOUR life!

Deenamite is GO!