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The Jadi Knights
The Lone Leafer
The Gang of Five


Ok, ok... I know what you are thinking... Deenamite can't count.

Well, it really is the gang of 5. The sixth leaf (scarred and leaning up against the wall of the pot) was recently rescued after a squirrel attacked our friend Tony while he was sunning himself on the back porch. btw - Tony is ok... we're not so sure about the squirrel by the time Tony was done with him, he's one big tough Jade.

Anyhow, ever since rescuing me and Kemosabe, Alexander feels it is our Jadi Knight duty to save the Jades, so he went out like he got a Jade-1-1 call when he heard of the attack. Of the leaves that fell, only this one was sufficiently intact to try and save. But it's not looking too good, and we are not sure if it will make it.

But the Jadi Knights are not ready to give up yet! So for now it has joined the Gang of Five. (Since this was first written, the squirrel leaf has died. Sadly, the Gang of Five is once again only 5 strong.)

As for the rest of the group, they all seem firm in the ground, so we are pretty sure they are taking root. It can be a slow process. The Lone Leafer (Kemosabe) actually took from November to May before he popped up, and look at him now!

The rule is that the first Jade to show a leaf sticking up gets a pot and a name of their very own! Alexander says he already has a name picked out, but it's so secret, he won't even tell ME.

The Gang of Five started out as 3 leaves, then 4, and finally 5. I think they are at the point that if Alexander plays hero again, we're going to have to get another pot.

They are all gathered in a 3 inch pot, the official pot size of the Jadi Knights.

Deenamite is GO!