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The Jadi Knights
The Lone Leafer
The Gang of Five

Well, this is Fred.

Fred started out a whole lot bigger than I did, with two great big leaves, when I only had one teeny tiny one. He's been growing so well, he already lost one of his starter leaves and even his first 2 new leaves, and is starting to branch out where they fell off.

If you look close at his base (on the left), you can see the beginning of two new little leaves which should grow into his first branch.

I think Fred had it pretty easy!

You could ALWAYS see Fred! But it took me forever just to get so I could look over the rim of my pot.

Well, at least his new branch is starting out with MY size leaves.

I think Fred is a happy Jade.


Just to compare the two of us, Fred is on the left... and I'm on the right. (I think I have a way to go yet!)