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The Jadi Knights
The Lone Leafer
The Gang of Five

This is the Lone Leafer, or Kemosabe.

He's the first BIG single leaf rescue, after Alexander saved me.

Alexander wasn't too sure what to do with us little green guys at first, and with a scar on the Lone Leafer, he wasn't sure if anything would ever happen, but he tried anyway.

As the weeks turned into months and months and MONTHS, Alexander was wondering if anything would ever sprout. From early NOV 05, we kept trying through the winter, and then the spring. Although there was no sign of growth, the Lone Leafer stayed green at least and Alexander wouldn't give up.

Then, sometime in MAY 06, he thought he saw a hint of something under the surface one night when he was watering us. (He uses a plastic pipette to water us, coz if he just pours water, it tends to wash over us little guys and cover us in dirt.) He didn't want to dig or poke around so as not to damage anything. So we waited...

A few days later, tiny spots of green REALLY began to show on their own. Not one, but three little sets of baby Jade leaves.

For months Alexander had been trying to bribe the Lone Leafer with a name and a new pot, if only he'd finally show. He kept his promise. The Lone Leafer got a brand new pot, and the name Kemosabe after someone called the Lone Ranger. (Alexander says I'm way too young to understand.) But I still call him the Lone Leafer. It has a nice ring to it.

So, this is Kemosabe in AUG 06, and he is really giving me a run for my money. Sometimes I feel so small, but Alexander always reminds me that the Lone Leafer started out with a BIG leaf, and mine was so small.