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The Jadi Knights
The Lone Leafer
The Gang of Five

First off, Sydney is a she. Everyone thinks she's a he, but she isn't.

Sydney lay around in a very shallow little flat dish with almost no dirt and very little water for the longest time when Alexander and I decided something needed to be done.

A real pot, some attention, and careful watering...

She was a 2 leafer, but the leaves were barely attached with a hole in the middle. Those are her original leaves at the base.

Eventually, Sydney started to come around, and sprouted her first new leafset right out of the hole in between the leaves. She's been growing up ever since.

Now, if you look very, very closely at the base of her stem, you will see a little white grain of pearlite. Just to the left is a little light green spot. A second new leafset! You can just make them out.

This is Sydney on 29 October 2006. She's the first of the Jadi Knights to break the 2 inch barrier!!!

As you can see, she's grown considerably since the summer, and that new leafset has grown into a new stem of its own.

She is on crutches at the moment, because someone (and NO, it wasn't Alexander!) knocked into her the day before this photo was taken, weakening her and causing her to lean over at a 45 degree angle instead of her usually straight posture.

We are all hoping that she will recover soon. Sydney really does look much more regal without the crutches.

To Sydney's left is Tombstone, a new Squire to the Knighthood. He fell off Tony a few days before the photo, and we are trying to get him to grow. He's a little bit on the yellow side, and that isn't usually a good sign. We'll just have to see what happens.