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The Jadi Knights
The Lone Leafer
The Gang of Five

Well, not all of our friends are tiny...

Even though they are a bit too tall to qualify for the Jadi Knights, we actually have some big friends.

This is us, all together, sitting in front of our window for the winter. The big guys used to be on the back porch, but it's getting too cold for them now, so we have to share our space.

The tall one to the left, is Probie.

To his right is Kat in the dark pot. (She's the one with the antennae sticking out of her pot.) Fred and Kemosabe are hiding behind her. (Well, actually in the front, coz they are more interested in the sun than the camera.)

On the right is Big King Tony! Just to give you some sense of scale, if you look below the left branch on Tony, that's me! Deenamite! And if you think I'm small now, just think that I was once only that tiny leaf on the bottom of my stem. You could barely see me. As much as I've grown, I'm still only half the size of Sydney in the little terra cotta  pot.

More on Probie, Kat and our BIG friend Tony coming soon!